Throughout my own education journey, I realized art was not a gift just for myself, but a gift that I am meant to share with others. For many of my formative years, making art was the means by which I navigated all of my life's experiences. I believe art is meant to educate and nurture children’s ideas, perspectives, morals, and interests. By providing material and opportunities, educators cultivate fundamental skills and information to help fill students with the knowledge they will need to inspire their own exploration of life and career pursuits.  All students are individual humans that will receive and process information in their own unique way.  For this reason, as an art educator, I feel that my responsibility is to guide not to mold. I am interested in incorporating various other subjects with our art-based practicum. My students will be prompted to value exploration, questioning, community, and respect as we create art together. With patience and determination, the experience of receiving art education can be one of opportunity to learn deeper facets of our being – from our physical to our mental and emotional capabilities.

   I believe in practicing empathy as the greatest element of effective art education. Art allows a lens with which we can interact and understand pieces of the world. Exhibiting empathy is of great importance to me, so that my students will learn to do the same when interacting with themselves, their peers, and the world at large. An ability to work through questions, problems, and explore deeper understandings of humanity is what I aspire my students to experience in my class. My focus aligns with infusing compassion, critical thinking, and creativity in my interactions with my work, my students, and organizations with the goal to evoke empathy, cognitive growth, and emphasis the importance of character development.



What I believe...


Our differences make us a more complex, rich, and innovative society. Creating a sense of community that celebrates our unique qualities is imperative for our collective growth.


Inter-personal skills are key to maintain healthy, working relationships. Taking time to self-reflect is important. Practicing empathy towards others, as well as ourselves is important.


Art CAN change the world! And it is impactful, even when it simply changes our own world. Creativity helps us access unique parts of ourselves. When we study art, we are connected to external history and internal knowledge.

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Everyone is deserving of love, respect, and patience. A philosophy I learned while teaching pre-school is that remaining mindful to the idea that we can treat people with as much forgiveness as we treat a toddler (if we work at it).